Creating Magical Imagery for Passionate Entrepreneurs, Creatives & Goddesses


Hi Goddess! I’m Sherry Lynn!

I Love to create Magic!
And work with passionate High Vibe Entrepreneurs, goddesses, fairies and Creatives to Help them unleash their special brand of magic,
showcasing their unique soul-expression
bringing it to life
in gorgeous imagery!


We love working with radiant + passionate individuals to create art-imagery that captures their soul & brand.

Soultography is high-vibe photography that helps you create the perfect imagery that reflects your unique expression.

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The Soultography experience is a step by step co-creation process to create the vision and the theme of your photoshoot that we ultimately bring to life in nature on the day of the shoot.
We then turn those images into high vibrational art using our extraordinary design skills that becomes living breathing magnetic images helping you attract and authentically connect with the people you want to work with in a magical  way.


A true transformational experience - connecting with you inner magic and bringing it to life!
Magnifying Your Presence & Your Power!

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Embody Your Goddess Photoshoot Exclusive

is a creative expression of women’s innate connection
to her inner world, divine consciousness of nature,
the seasons, the elements, colors and goddess archetypal personas.


An extraordinary, artistic journey to claim

:: your inner power,
:: magnetize your dream clients,
:: feel your prosperity and
:: create a lasting legacy with your business…

A delight for your senses you are spotlighted in all your beauty and radiance
surrounded and connected with the divine consciousness of nature.
Creating a sacred work of art with you at the center.

Ready to Embody Your Goddess -

“Emanating from the embrace of the Goddess and her God
Is a wheel of delicious divine energies.

The center of this wheel is right where you are.
Live here, and let your heart stream with an unending flow of adoration
In this way, tend the alter of love.”
~ The Radiance Sutras




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This portfolio collection represents my professional photography work created around Goddess Archetypes and Goddess Themes.