Meet Sherry...

Sherry Lynn is a Women’s Empowerment Mentor and the creator of Soultography. Through her photography, online programs, and 1:1 embodiment coaching, Sherry helps women step into their fullness and embody their truth.



::: Is about so much more than photos. 

::: It's a reclamation of your power. 

::: An embodied acceptance of your innate beauty.  

::: A transformative journey back to your soul.

::: An outward expression of your new identity, a welcoming into a new phase of our life.

::: It’s an immersive experience for your mind, body, soul, heart, and spirit.

::: It’s magic. Beauty. Embodiment of your soul’s truest essence.

 Whether you want a photoshoot that results in a physical art portrait of your soul, or wish to dive deeper into wisdom she offers through her 1:1 and group programs, Sherry will guide you into the fullest expression of your deepest essence. She works with goddess archetypes and nature magic to help women access their inner selves and step into a state of empowered, authentic embodiment. 


Her approach is magical, immersive and celebratory, rooted in a deep connection to nature, seasons and mythical archetypes. She lovingly leads you through the process of identifying what natural or goddess energies your soul most resonates with, and then stepping into the full embodiment of that resonance so that you can step forward and full claim your power and beauty.


The Story Behind It All...

The morning of Thanksgiving 2006 started out like any other. But after a fluke accident resulted in an accidental poisoning that doctors said she had a 25% of surviving, it became the start of a decades long healing journey that would take her to the deserts of Sedona, and the darkest depths of her soul. 


The next several years after her near-death experience were marked by intense physical pain and trauma. Determined to regain her life, Sherry committed to learning everything she could about healing. This led her to dive deeply into energy healing and reiki, devoting the next few years to the grueling, soul-shaking work of physical and spiritual healing


Eventually, all the intense healing work she was doing had its limit. Her soul longed for fun and reconnection. Flash forward to 2013, and a visceral experience at Disneyworld sparked the realization that true joy can only come from within. 


During this time, Sherry was drawn towards the realms of magic and fantasy. In came the next phase of the journey: healing the inner child. One day during meditation, a fairy appeared to her with the message to “just do it!” So she called up an old friend who made costumes, found people to model, and created what her soul was yearning for: a magical fairy photoshoot. 


Following the guidance of her soul, she continued creating magical photoshoots. Over the next couple years, she came to realize that this process, this play and freedom and magic, was deeply healing for her inner child. But as she would soon experience, her healing journey wasn’t quite over…


A traumatic series of events involving the estrangment of one of her twin daughters brought her to a place of deep suffering, grief, resulting in profound physical implications and dissociation. When medical doctors offered no help, she again dove deep into energy healing that gave her her life back. 

And the recovery that insued, this time, was her path of healing that led her to her inner goddess and embodiment work. Through working with archetypal goddesses energies, she was able to reconnect with her own energy, now radically transformed, and her soul’s journey reflected back to her through the goddesses. It initiated her into her wholeness, allowed her to claim her power, and connected her with the tools to fully embody and express her evolution. 

Through her own experience of healing – beginning with the magic of her inner child to the full embodiment of her goddess-power and passion, this is the work she now does to help other women embrace their beauty and their magic through embodying their own unique soul expressions. 



My Soultography business was born from this space as my soul path fueled by my creative visionary skills and love of beauty as an artist emerged. I found immense joy as an art photographer creating digital imagery of mystical and magical fairy and goddess iconic models and clients. Early on in my own journey of healing, my inner-soul told me I needed to satiate the creative spirit of my inner child with creativity and fun! My personal project fairy photography was born from that place and reached fantastical heights of creative visions that I had great fun creating and capturing bringing to life that which mirrored the fantasy and magical nature of my own inner child.

My Soultography has grown to reflect my own evolution and ascension into Goddess art-portraiture. For enlightened women Change-Makers of the world who desired to have their magical mystical inner goddess self brought to life in an iconic imagery. My works have been recognized around the globe and I am thrilled to be the recipient of awards that distinguish me as a nationally recognized photo artist. These are the skills, gifts, talents and passion I bring to my clients to create high vibrational imagery that matches their Goddess soul brands.


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