Sherry is a treasure! The title “soultographer” couldn’t be more fitting.

If you just want to put on a fun outfit or pretty dress and have a fantasy photo shoot, I’m certain that Sherry will deliver fabulous images. If you want more though -- if you want to discover and connect with the essence of yourself, and have that soul reflected in beautiful, meaningful photographs, then invest in a “Be the Goddess You Are” photoshoot! The meditations and reflective exercises Sherry provides, along with her support and encouragement really help you to define and bring to light your own personal goddess. Annnd... it’s fun! Photo day was like a play date for adults!

I’m thrilled with my whole experience. I absolutely recommend Sherry Lynn Soultography!!

: Jeanne Jonard

“Sherry creates more than photos. She creates worlds of magical fairytales. Each time I see one of her photos I feel drawn to the world of mystery. I can’t help but see stories entwined in the images.”

: Kama J. Frankling

“The nature of the art work produced by Sherry Lynn, through her Soultography, has been one of the most amazing pieces I have seen lately!

The energy and essence of the scenes, are done exquisitely, so unique and inspiring, every one is a true talented piece of art work!
Thank you, for sharing them with your followers and continuing to shine your light in this world!”  

: Silvia Riano Lecuona

“Sherry’s pictures are so much more than just pictures - they are art that is imagined and created from the pure passion to spread love and beauty in the world. Art is not a word big or deep enough to describe Sherry’s work.

If there was a word that meant magic, beauty, power, and love then that is what her art world be called.

Owning a piece of her art will not only transform the appearance of your wall but will transform the energy in your space generating passion, love, magic and beauty at levels that are felt and recalled within the depth of your soul.” 

: Dani Hyman

“I became acquainted with Sherry through a closed photography group on Facebook. The creative, fanciful energy depicted in her images attracted my attention immediately. I’ve been amazed watching her style evolve and grow and now I regularly draw inspiration from the conceptually imaginative and artistic images she produces today!” 

: Linda Atwood Photographer

“Sherry is a phenomenal artist. Every piece she creates steals one’s breath, softens ones heart and remind one that magic is REAL.

Her art transcends the medium of photography, transporting the viewer to a fantastical world of beauty, tranquility and play. Absolutely stunning work!” 

: Sarah Kalil, President, Women in Film + Television (Vancouver)

“Sherry Lynn captures the essence of magic and beauty within her images creating breath-taking moments that inspire us to dream and imagine.

Her images awaken that beautiful place within, where anything is possible! I feel an instant connection to Sherry’s images as they invoke snippets of the Self and allow me to look closer to who I am and where I am heading in this journey towards a magical life.

Her images remind us to open our eyes to the majesty that surrounds us and to find within you the jewel in your heart where you can feel at ease and at peace within any situation. 

Sherry Lynn is the magic behind the lens of her divine images, the creative artist that shines the light on your world and teaches you to never give up.” 

: Nicole

"I initially was looking for something simple - a color to wear post career change and it has morphed into an entirely new and exciting way to look at my environment, my clothing, and my expression. 

I had no idea the subtle ways that color choice effected my mood, productivity, and satisfaction. Armed with my [color analysis/what it was called] I truly see my color choices as one more place I can add joy, ease, and abundance into my life. 

It seems sort of crazy, but I freaking love it - it's one of those missing pieces I didn't even realize I was missing!" 

: Shannon Townsend



"I never thought too much about color other than how it factored into what I like to wear and how I use it in my environment, always aiming for something pleasing to the eye. 

So when Sherry Lynn offered her Color Energy session I was curious, but had no idea how extremely powerful and impactful the results would be!

The session absolutely nailed my strengths, my "true colors," but what it also pointed to was what I needed to work on in myself in order to bring forward latent talents as well as develop some new capacities that would expand my life. 

The recommendations on how to do so were clear, specific and extremely helpful! They were also quite simple!  For instance its well-researched that color affects behavior and mood. And when I wore the color blue I realized I felt SO much calmer and self-assured, especially when I was having to talk on live video. Amazing! 

Such an incredibly simple way to change up your vibe, as well as bring more balance to your body and being! I highly recommend you try it for yourself!!  Sherry THANK YOU for this wonderful opportunity to know myself on a whole deeper level!"

: Karolyn McKinley, MS, LMFT