is a creative expression of a women’s inner essence and connection to the magic of nature, seasons, cycles, elements and archetypes


Make a statement without ever saying a word!


 The Embody Your Goddess Photoshoot is

An extraordinary, artistic journey to claim

your inner power,
magnetize your dream clients,
feel your prosperity and
create a lasting legacy with your business
and stand out as the LEADER you are!



is this YOU!? …


:: You’re passionate about making positive changes in people’s lives and the world

and your personal brand is contributing to the collective shift in consciousness.

:: You love nature, are sensitive to energy and all that ripples below the surface of modern living.

:: Your images are your portal to the global stage.

:: You engage your audience in photos brimming with your heart and soul.


The Embody Your Goddess Photoshoot experience


is an invitation to step into a journey
of awakening,
expanding + empowering
your self-awareness
as you embody
your own inner goddess essence.

A delight for your senses you are spotlighted in all your beauty and radiance surrounded and connected with the divine consciousness of nature. Creating a sacred work of art with you at the center.

Our journey together is a co-creation experience where we explore,
plan and prep your own divine expression and brand statement image as a powerful force of nature and goddess brand.

The photoshoot experience helps you uncover those qualities that you desire to bring to light and illuminate.
Resulting in a feeling of pure bliss when you see your beauty and mystism reflected back to you like you have never before.
Clients feel this heart-felt attraction!


I’m Sherry Lynn, Soultographer – a Creative Visionary, Intuitive and Photographer.

I see the world through the lens of beauty – love – magic!
I’m an internationally published photographer and photo artist whose work has been featured in world wide publications.


The goddesses I’ve photographed have experienced the life-changing transformation
of seeing themselves through the lens
of their soul truth + radiant beauty
opening themselves up to embody
a sense of self-love never before experienced.

Propelling their businesses forward like they had never dreamed.
Simply because they owned their power – a magical formula for client attraction.

Many women also engage in this ultimate self-love goddess experience as a birthday celebration, a rite of passage, recovery from major life changes, or just because it’s time. Many women choose to use this for personal empowerment in a life-transition gifting themselves with a gorgeous work of art to hang their wall as their legacy. 





“Sherry’s pictures are so much more than just pictures - they are art that is imagined and created from the pure passion to spread love and beauty in the world. Art is not a word big or deep enough to describe Sherry’s work.

If there was a word that meant magic, beauty, power, and love then that is what her art world be called.

Owning a piece of her art will not only transform the appearance of your wall but will transform the energy in your space generating passion, love, magic and beauty at levels that are felt and recalled within the depth of your soul.” 

: Dani Hyman

Steph Grass-1approved.jpg

 Welcome to The Embody Your Goddess Photoshoot Experience

Together, we’ll create images that will express your soul essence
and allow others to see you for who you truly are…

The entire experience is designed to be a creative exploration!



are YOU…
A Queen. A Goddess.
A Warrior. The Huntress.
A Fairy. A Sea Goddess.
A Priestess.



Here’s where we create Embody Your Goddess PERSONA!

What is your vision and how can we bring it to life?

We Start By Rediscovering your goddess archetypal essence.
And through our consultation process uncover her story and her theme.

We co-create your own unique expression.

The way YOU want to represent that part of your archetypal soul-essence - the energetic signature you wish to embody
and how you choose to reveal it in order to attract your dream clients.

This is the fun and strategic work we do together. 




After booking your shoot – we start to work to co-create your shoot.

:: How you want to show up!
:: The story you want to tell!
:: How we bring it to life!

Bex Stumpnowings.jpg



Begins with a questionnaire.

I will use your answers
to tap into your unique energy,
desires and needs
for your goddess-branded look.

Steph with Arrow Light2lr.jpg



Then, we will connect through several consultation calls to create
personal mood boards
that look at
location, Backgrounds,
styling, colors,
hair + makeup, props.

A shoot list for your branding needs
and identify your specific
iconic goddess-persona.

We also cover posing technique and
prep leading up shoot-day.




:: approx. 6 hours ::

On the day of the photoshoot,
we’ll meet at our pre-determined location.

Myself, My assistant, Hair + Make up artist (pre-shoot)

Begin a magically transformative experience that allow your higher self
to come out and play
so you can finally experience
the truth of what it really means
to be free and
to be unapologetically YOU.

Shoot time : 2-3 hours before sun-set.
1.5-2 hours on location shooting -
with 2 Outfit changes



you’ll receive -

:: 10 artistically high-resolution images that you get full ownership of – all the digital files.
(There are some caveats on the artistry that is included in this – does not include compositing images – putting into different backgrounds, etc.)

 AND a video that I insert animated embellishments in of one of the images of your choice.

 OR  a video-story using each of the images in your shoot that describes your brand story.


I usually suggest to clients to start this process well before (2-3 months) they actually desire to book the shoot date.

It gives us time to really develop your ideas and concepts into a well-defined look – and often what happens
as we do this – new things start coming in for you and you realize what you might of
“thought” you wanted transcends to a new look

– a transformation of sorts occurs and you step into another whole aspect of yourself that you really desire to embody as your branded look.


Embody Your Goddess Photoshoot Package Details :

:: Approx. 6 Hours ::

:: 5-10 highly artistically designed high-resolution images

:: Video - Brand Story OR inserted Animated Embellishments

:: Intensive Pre-Shoot Co-Creative Pre-production Planning (3+ consultation/stylizing calls)

:: Assistance + Step by Step Direction throughout entire process

:: Wardrobe Styling + Hair & Make Up + Props guidance

:: 2+ Shoot Locations

:: Professional Hair + Make-Up Artist the day of shoot


Energy Exchange + Investment ::
Starts @ $1500.00
Payment Plans Available


I invite you to a booking a free consultation call
so you have the opportunity to ask questions that I can answer for you.

And really go over the process of the shoot session in detail
to get a feel for what magic it holds for you + and design the package right for you!



Sherry is a treasure! The title “soultographer” couldn’t be more fitting.

If you just want to put on a fun outfit or pretty dress and have a fantasy photo shoot, I’m certain that Sherry will deliver fabulous images. If you want more though -- if you want to discover and connect with the essence of yourself, and have that soul reflected in beautiful, meaningful photographs, then invest in a “Be the Goddess You Are” photoshoot! The meditations and reflective exercises Sherry provides, along with her support and encouragement really help you to define and bring to light your own personal goddess. Annnd... it’s fun! Photo day was like a play date for adults!

I’m thrilled with my whole experience. I absolutely recommend Sherry Lynn Soultography!!

: Jeanne Jonard



“Sherry is a phenomenal artist. Every piece she creates steals one’s breath, softens ones heart and remind one that magic is REAL.

Her art transcends the medium of photography, transporting the viewer to a fantastical world of beauty, tranquility and play. Absolutely stunning work!” 

: Sarah Kalil, President, Women in Film + Television (Vancouver)