Autumn/Forest Magic

There’s nothing quite as mystical as the forest in the fall! A place of beautiful, mysterious, almost otherworldly magic. As the stories and myths remind us, the forest is enchanted, home to fairies, to tree spirits and wood nymphs, to wise old witches living deep in the woods. It’s a place where your breath can soften, your mind can open,

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Fall Equinox Magic

This year’s Autumn Equinox occurs in the Northern Hemisphere on September 23rd, where daylight and darkness are exactly equal. It’s a time of equilibrium and balance between differing energies: light and dark, masculine and feminine, action and receptivity.

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Sedona/Desert Magic

Sedona, Arizona!

A place of absolute magic and raw power. With its boundless natural wonders and spiritual magnetism, stepping into Sedona is stepping into the energetic frequency of limitless transformation and creative potential. It is enchanting and mystical, with an air of both the ancient and the radical.

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Goddess Sekhmet

Sekhmet embodies the bright golden energy of the sun. The sun is the energy of light.

It illuminates our darkest corners, giving us the gift of clarity, showing us that our truest essence is beauty and wholeness. To embody Sekhmet is to shine like the sun, your glow illuminating everything around you. 

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Step Through the Lion’s Gate and Claim Your Crown

It is time to step through The Lion’s Gate, an energetic portal that opens every year on August 8.

An incredibly powerful portal of transition, the Lion’s Gate opens when the sun links up with the

star Sirius, known as the "spiritual sun”, triggering a high frequency energy emission.

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Sunflower Magic

Sunflower magic is the bright, golden energy of the sun. The first streaks of morning light after a

dark night. The first kiss of warmth after a long, cold winter. Wholeness that beams from your

soul and trust that could move mountains. Honey covered happiness and shining yellow joy.

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Ocean Magic

The ocean calls out to those with free and untethered souls. Those who feel most alive among

sand, salt and sea. Those who yearn for something deeper. It sings its siren song to wanderers, to

creators, to sensitive souls, to heart-followers and courageous risk-takers and to those that have

so much passion and love in their heart that all they can do is expand and expand into the salty


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